*NEW* Changes for the 2018 race

Based on feedback from our racers we're implementing two changes for the 2018 race.

  1. No more cash, envelopes and paying the "pole" on race day. Your National Forest Service parking pass is included with your registration and we will pay the NFS one lump sum.  One less thing to worry about on race morning!!
  2. For racer safety and to alleviate some of the congestion at the race start we will have three start waves. During the registration process you will self seed yourself and select a wave based on your expected finishing time. Wave #1 = under 8 hours, Wave #2 = 8-10 hours and wave #3 = 10 + hours. Race Directors reserve the right to add, remove or adjust any waves and racer seeding. Your official start time will be when you cross the start mat. If you trained more or less than you expected when you registered, no problem you'll have the ability to go into your bikereg registration and adjust your wave selection by 6/4.